Storm Water Utility


Buckeye Lake Village Storm Water Vision Plan

Ordinance 2010-32  •  Ordinance 2013-06  •  Ordinance 2013-07

Ordinance 2013-25  •  Ordinance 2017-18  •  Ordinance 2018-06

•  Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan

•  Homeowner Stream Maintenance Brochure

•  Stormwater Utility Development Plan w/ Appendix

•  Stormwater Utility Power Point Presentation

•  Ordinance 2022-33 - Adopting Sump Pump and Downspout Policy for the Village

Beginning in April 2019, the Village of Buckeye Lake has initiated a monthly Street Sweeping Program to remove debris that could end up in storm water collection systems. We ask that everyone please remove parked vehicles from the street curb/edge during these posted times to ensure access for the sweeper. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience. Funds for the project are provided through the village Storm Water Utility.