Mayor & Council

The Village of Buckeye Lake Mayor and Council work together for the citizens of our community. As leaders, they are committed to protecting the Village of Buckeye Lake assets through the encouragement of residents and businesses to become integral participants in our community.


CLICK HERE to see the list of 2023 Council Committee Chairs and the Committee members.

Contact Info

Jeryne Peterson (Dec '25)
Mayor of the Village of Buckeye Lake
5192 Walnut Road, S.E. Buckeye Lake, Ohio 43008

Linda Goodman (Dec '23)
Council President

Tom Wolfe (Dec '23)
Council President Pro Tempore

Samantha Torres
Clerk of Council
5192 Walnut Road, S.E. Buckeye Lake, Ohio 43008

Don Cable (Dec '23)
Public Service Committee Chair

Deb Julian (Dec '25)
Personnel Committee Chair

John Lemmon (Dec '23)
Finance Committee Chair

Paula Brunton (Dec '25)
Rules Committee Chair

Sue Wadley (Dec '25)
Public Safety Committee Chair

Frequently Asked Questions

When are meetings held?

Regular Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Mondays of the month starting at 7:00 p.m., unless otherwise specified. Special Council meetings and Committee meetings will have postings on our website, at the Post Office, and at the Village Municipal Offices with their dates and times.

Can anyone come to the meetings ?

The public is now allowed back into the Council Chambers for meetings and the meetings are still being live streamed on our Village of Buckeye Lake Facebook page for public viewing.

Where are the meetings held?

Council and Committee meetings are held in Council Chambers at the Village Municipal Offices at 5192 Walnut Rd SE Buckeye Lake, OH 43008.

How can I submit a Citizen's Comment for the next meeting?

Citizen's Comments for the next Council meeting must be submitted to (or through our Contact Page) in writing no later than the Thursday before the meeting you wish for it to be read at. The comment must be able to be read within the 3-minute time limit per council rules and regulations. Facebook comments are not an acceptable means of submitting a Citizen's Comment and will not be considered as such.