Water Supervisor – Toby Miller

Billing Clerk – Diana Seipel

5192 Walnut Road, S.E. – P.O. Box 2480
Buckeye Lake, Ohio 43008
740-928-7100 FAX: 740-928-8843

Or Pay by Phone: (844) 915-1244

Rules & Regulations    •    Water Rate Notice 2018

Buckeye Lake Water Connection Procedure

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2019 Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report

To schedule an exterior service line water inspection, please call the Village Water Department at 740-928-7100 or email the Water Technician. Please allow at least 48 hours notice.


The Public Water and Wastewater Systems of the Village of Buckeye Lake, and all appurtenances relative thereto, together with the collection of charges for the services rendered by said systems, shall be under the exclusive control of the Director of Public Service and the authorized agents and employees.

Authority and references:
Ohio Revised Code 743, 4909, 6103, 6109.13 and 6117

   Ohio Building Code

Ohio E.P.A. Division of Public Drinking Water
“Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control”


Or Pay by Phone:
(844) 915-1244